White Chalk Pens - Pack of 4 chalk markers

  • £10.95

  • 3mm | 6mm | 10mm |15mm - All in one set of 4 white chalk markers - Time to replace the old dusty chalk with white chalk ink marker – When you need your work to stand out against a dark background, these vivid white markers with 8g of ink are the perfect tools.
  • Makes a Great Gift – Whether you know an educator, have a friend in business, or just want to give a unique, fun, and useful gift this pack of 3 brilliant white chalk pens is the perfect choice!
  • These white chalk markers are child safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Made for Non-Porous Surfaces – If you use it at porous surfaces, it will absorb the chalk ink and might not erase completely and leave ghosting effect. However, if you use it at non-porous surfaces, it will be easy for you to erase it using a wet wipe cloth.


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